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ARCHIVE: 2016-2017

8.23 | a framework through questions

discussion score

art, reality, change, engagement, perception, society

  1. After reading the 5 words above, write questions no-stop for 5 minutes. There are no rules, only those you create. general / specific, personal / philosophical, etc. 
  2. Take 5 minutes to write the question(s) and try to categorize /organize them on the different pieces of paper without discussing a group logic. Again there are no rules, only those you create as a group. This will be a Visual Dialogue.
  3. Discuss the dialogue that has emerged.

 8.25 | Walk

What communities do we belong to?

How do we shape a new community through this course?

It was 100 degrees for our first walk downtown. miserable. We developed the pause game. At any point during the semester, anyone can pause the class and add a rule. The rule can last until the next pause, until the end of the session, or until the end of the class. Until the next session and until the end of the class must be accepted unanimously.

9.13 | Questions from discussion

  1. who is invited to the communal table and what do they get called?
  2. how can you achieve the notion of public art without privatizing the process in some way?
  3. what makes public art active or passive? is it the audience or the artist?
  4. how does an artist or activist balance the need to invite an audience to a piece, while still challenging their comfort level in order to communicate or cause the desired effect?

 African American Heritage Center visit:

 Hat Making Workshop with Annie Temmink:

 Walk along the Rivanna Trail with Dan Mahon:

Blue Ribbon Commission on Race, Memorials, and Public Spaces


 Creative Time Summit:

Lighthouse Studio

 The Haven and New City Arts Housing2Home Project:

 Zine Lecture/Workshop with Allyson Melberg-Taylor and Jeremy Taylor

Visit to Albemarle High School and A3 Records